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The amount of money spent of sporting events all over the world runs into the billions each and every year. Sport never sleeps, which means there is always some action to gamble on, whether that be the horses, soccer, cricket, American football, or whatever season happens to be in full swing at that time. The beauty of having so many different sports to choose from is that the kinds of bets that are available to the punter are through the roof. You can go with a straight win, points spread, over/under, who will score first, or even bet on the flip of a coin to start the game. Sports’ betting is definitely king, but it’s not the only game in town.

Betting on Election Results

election bettingWalk into an office or bar and you will be sure to hear people talking politics. What may come as a surprise, though, is that the conversation might just be about political betting. Yes, there is now a ton of money being wagered on who will win elections in just about every part of the world. Much like sports, though, election betting isn’t just about plopping down money on who will win outright. To get an idea of the staggering number of political bet available, you need only look at the upcoming Australian elections.

You can go now and bet on who you think will be the elected candidate for both the Labor and Liberal parties. It’s possible to even explode your winnings by putting on a parlay where you picks the winner on both sides. If that’s not exciting enough for you, how about having a flutter on the winning margin, or the number of seats that a political party will win in the Federal Election? Just imagine the excitement of sitting in front of the TV, glued to the news as the results start to come in from polling stations all over the country. Who would ever have believed that the outcome of an election could be as gripping as the horse you bet on winning in a photo finish?

Betting on Foreign Elections

People in the United States take a different view on this sort of thing, with betting on US elections strictly prohibited. What that means is that people from other parts of the world are the ones who are playing all the big bets on just who will win the next Presidential election. Just about every country where betting is legal has odds for everything from European elections to International elections, and all points in between. There are those that will argue that gambling on the outcome of an election will somehow alter how people vote, but there is really nothing to suggest that is in fact the case.

You Can Win Even If They Don't

The next time you pick up the newspaper to see which horses are running that day, perhaps you should also take a moment to flip to the political pages. The politician and party that you like may have no chance of winning in the big election, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a winner when the votes have all been tallied.

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