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Greyhound Racing


While most people think of horses when you mention racing that involves live animals, there is a whole other facet of racing that is very much alive and well in many parts of the world. That would be greyhound racing, and while it may not be at the popularity level of the ponies, it is still a sport that is very well supported in the UK and Australia in particular. For those that know little about the sport, each race usually involved 6 or more dogs who race around an oval track, with all of them in pursuit of a mechanical hare/rabbit that always manages to elude the dogs (except on very rare occasions).

Finding information about Greyhound Racing

The fact that the sport isn’t that well known to a lot of people outside the gambling world can make it a bit of a hard sell, but looking through the Racing Post's greyhounds publication should be enough to give the average newbie enough information to get started. There you will find all sorts of information about the dogs that will be racing at each track across the country that day, as well as greyhound racing results from previous meets. It’s a great way to get some information on what each of the dogs can do, and will be a real help if you fancy having a little wager or two.

The best way to experience Greyhound Racing

The best way to get a real feel for the speed and excitement of the sport is to attend some live greyhound racing. It’s the best way to see those athletic dogs up close and personal, and seeing them at such close range might even give you a better idea of which of them looks fit and ready for their upcoming race. The good news is that if you follow greyhound racing in Australia, then it really won’t be that difficult to find a track in your area where you can go to try and develop a love for the sport.

Training and Raring Greyhounds for racing

While fans are quite content to watch and wager on the races, there are obviously some that take their passion to the next level by training and racing greyhounds in hopes of making some big money. In order to do that though, those owners have to adhere to some very strict regulations in the way that they look after and maintain their dogs, with every effort made to be sure that all the animals remain happy and healthy. There are a number of state governing bodies that are in charge of the greyhound racing tracks in their area, but they all follow the same set of regulations that have been put forward to protect the dogs.

Greyhound Racing is a good alternative and is fun.

If you are already a fan of horse racing or are just someone that likes to have a little wager now and again, then you should really look at greyhound dog racing as a way to have a little bit of fun. You will find it to be a fast paced sport that is equally as exhilarating as watching the ponies.

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