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Betting is big business all over the world, but there aren't many people that can match the Aussies in their passion for having a wager. The pokies may very well be king in Australia, but horse racing runs a very close second, and it’s hard to find a major city that doesn't have a racetrack or two in its vicinity. When you think of Australian horse racing you tend to think of thoroughbreds, but with 91 harness racing tracks dotted across the country, it’s pretty safe to say that trotting has a place in the equine sporting landscape.

History of Australian Harness Racing

The history of harness racing in Australia can be dated back to 1810 in Parramatta, New South Wales, where the first race was held at a sports carnival. Harness racing NSW has a rich history and is considered by many to be the unofficial capital of Australian harness racing, although with close to 2,000 meeting held across the country every year, it’s pretty fair to say that the sport has taken on a national appeal. Southern Australia is also a great hub for the sport with Tasmania and Victoria hosting live harness racing under the lights, which is a huge hit with fans of the sport.

Growth and Promotion of Harness Racing

Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) has actually played a very large part in trying to bring new fans and owners into the sport of harness racing. To make a night out at the track more appealing for fans, HRV built a state-of -the-art facility at Melton which has a ton of other amenities that make it a destination that is much more than just a place for betting on harness racing. They also introduced a policy known as Free to Race which was put in place to make the sport more appealing to racers, breeders and owners of standardbreds, all of which means that the future of harness racing SA looks very bright.

Harness Racing VS Thoroughbred Racing

The major differences in racing styles between harness and thoroughbred racing means that there is often something of a divide in fans of the sport. There are those that swear by the thoroughbred ponies as the best that the sport has to offer, while others live and die by the sulky, but the truth is that both are great in their own right. Trying to break down the form in the past performances of a trotter really isn't all that different than handicapping a thoroughbred race, and even if that seems a little too tough, there are a ton of places where the fan can get free harness racing tips.

Attraction of Harness Racing

If you are completely new to the sport, then you’ll soon find that there is nothing like a night out at the track. The newer facilities do much more to cater to the casual fan, as well as having everything that the hardcore punter needs as well. You will find that it’s easy to become an instant fan of the sport when the harness racing results show that you are a big winner.

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