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Gambling Australia,Legal Online Gambling,Live Odds ComparisonGambling Australia provides access to legal online gambling resources with licenced online sports betting agencies for all horse racing, harness racing, greyhound racing, motor racing, Australian sports and other forms of legal online wagering with Australian Bookmakers and International betting agencies.

You can also compare betting odds so you get the best bet for your money. For your safety Gambling Australia recommend that you only conduct your online betting with the legitimate licenced bookmaking services of these Australian and International online sports betting agencies:

Odds Comparison

Compare Odds and get the best bet for your money from Australian bookmakers. For more information on how to use the betting comparison pages please go here.

Compare odds for Australian Horse Racing - Australian Greyhounds - Australian Harness Racing  - National Rugby League - Australian Football League (AFL) - Cricket  - Australian A-League & International Soccer and many other sports.


Australian Bookmakers

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Free Australian Daily Horse Racing Formguide

Make your race betting choices with informed data, not guess work. Form guides are available every day for NSW, VIC, QLD, SA & WA metropolitan meetings and International racing including Hong Kong and New Zealand. Take a look at the free daily racing form guides provided by Australia's top online sportsbook operators.


Live Odds Comparison


Comparing online wagering odds can save you money and improve your betting experience. Comparing wagering odds the various online betting providers are offering all in one place can save you time.  You can access the latest odds from a variety of online bookmakers and sports betting agencies using the Gambling Australia Odds Comparison tool.

The range of sports and racing events covered include Australian and International sports, racing and other events. The wagering options available are wide and you may find options that you were not aware were available. You can compare the current wagering odds offered by each online betting agency side by side and go directly to their website to place your bet through the link provided with the betting odds. This makes our Odds Comparison tool a place that you will want to visit every time you are thinking about placing a bet, no matter what sport, race or event.

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Playing The Lottery


Everyone dreams of having untold wealth at their fingertips, but the sad reality is that the only way that most people will ever manage that is by winning the lottery. That may explain why just about every country in the world has a lotto of some sort, with some even having so many different types that there is a drawing every night of the week.

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All Legal Online Sports Betting Agencies

Australian Betting

Below you will find information and links to the legitimate, licenced online bookmakers and sportbook operators who will accept Australian and International residents (where acceptable by law).

Your choice of online betting provider will depend on what type of sport or event you wish to wager on, the type of betting options and your own personal preferences. The online bookmakers below are all registered and legitimate bookmakers regulated by Australian State and/or Federal legislation.

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Sports Betting Affiliate Programs


Increase your income by promoting legitimate betting through affiliate partnership programs. When you introduce a new player to one of the sites listed below you earn cut of the revenue gained by the betting agency (service provider). It is free to join these partnership programs. All you need to do is promote the unique tracking links provided by each service provider.

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Daily Horseracing Form Guides


The Australian and New Zealand Racing Form Guides are available every day for Australian Horse Racing in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA & WA race meetings and all race meetings in New Zealand.

See the Latest Australian, New Zealand Horse and International Racing Information with a full form guides on all horses, career, jockey information, trainers, owners, prize money and race history. Just like the formguide you buy at the track but with the latest odds.

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Motor Racing and Gambling


It’s no real secret that many Australians love gambling, although people may be surprised to hear that they love to wager on more than just horse racing and pokies. Betting motor racing has become big business, and while Australia may not necessarily be the first country you think of when you mention that particular sport, you need only visit the National Motor Racing Museum in Bathurst to see that it actually has quite a rich history. The most famous series in motor racing history in Australia is the V8 Supercars series, with the biggest race on the card landing, as you might expect, in Bathurst.

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Harness Racing


Betting is big business all over the world, but there aren't many people that can match the Aussies in their passion for having a wager. The pokies may very well be king in Australia, but horse racing runs a very close second, and it’s hard to find a major city that doesn't have a racetrack or two in its vicinity. When you think of Australian horse racing you tend to think of thoroughbreds, but with 91 harness racing tracks dotted across the country, it’s pretty safe to say that trotting has a place in the equine sporting landscape.

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Thoroughbred Horse Racing

When you think of thoroughbred horse racing, you tend to think of the big stakes races like The Kentucky Derby, but the truth is that the sport is in something of a decline in the US. A number of tracks have closed over the past decade, and others have been forced to try and get pokies in the clubhouse in order to bring in more revenues. That has helped keep some tracks keep their heads above water, but it isn’t doing much to introduce new fans to the beautiful sport of horse racing. The poker machines are a draw, but it’s hard to see the pageantry of the sport when your face is stuck in a machine.
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Greyhound Racing


While most people think of horses when you mention racing that involves live animals, there is a whole other facet of racing that is very much alive and well in many parts of the world. That would be greyhound racing, and while it may not be at the popularity level of the ponies, it is still a sport that is very well supported in the UK and Australia in particular. For those that know little about the sport, each race usually involved 6 or more dogs who race around an oval track, with all of them in pursuit of a mechanical hare/rabbit that always manages to elude the dogs (except on very rare occasions).

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