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Comparing online wagering odds can save you money and improve your betting experience. Comparing wagering odds the various online betting providers are offering all in one place can save you time.  You can access the latest odds from a variety of online bookmakers and sports betting agencies using the Gambling Australia Odds Comparison tool.

The range of sports and racing events covered include Australian and International sports, racing and other events. The wagering options available are wide and you may find options that you were not aware were available. You can compare the current wagering odds offered by each online betting agency side by side and go directly to their website to place your bet through the link provided with the betting odds. This makes our Odds Comparison tool a place that you will want to visit every time you are thinking about placing a bet, no matter what sport, race or event.

Read more for basic instructions on how to use the comparison tool...

Basic Instructions

Go to the Odds Comparison page directly and use the select boxes (Fig.1) at the top of the page to drill down to the event on which you wish to compare odds. Or you can select a link from the 'Odds Comparison' (Fig.2) menu to go directly the sport or racing type.

Fig.1wagering odds comparison

Fig.2sports odds comparison

Events and wagering odds shown side by side. Select the event to see the odds providers and links. 

odds links online bookmakers

 Go to the Main Odds Comparison and use the select boxes to find your race or sports event