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Everyone dreams of having untold wealth at their fingertips, but the sad reality is that the only way that most people will ever manage that is by winning the lottery. That may explain why just about every country in the world has a lotto of some sort, with some even having so many different types that there is a drawing every night of the week.

Australian Lotteries and Lotto

Here in Australia, Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto, and Powerball dominate the lottery landscape, but many consider Keno and the Soccer Pools to be cut from the same cloth, although not with the types of huge cash prizes associated with the National lotto’s. Powerball in particular is one that really captures the imagination as the jackpots will continue to rise until someone hits it, which usually ends up meaning prizes in the hundreds of millions.

US Lotteries

In the US, different states have their own lotteries, with the income going to help education, road works, and much more within the state. Powerball is one of the few lotteries that cover several states across the country, which of course means bigger prizes.

What’s particularly odd is the love that the American public, and the government for that matter, have for lotteries. That is despite the fact that all other forms of gambling seem to be completely taboo? Could this be because the government gains so much revenue from the public lottery players?

Canadian Lottery

It’s a little more relaxed north of the border where the Canadian lottery scene is accompanied by legalized sports betting, although one that is government run. The Sports Select betting game can be played in gas stations and convenience stores along the country, with the tickets sitting right alongside Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max which are the big lottery games in the country. Much like in the US, the provinces have their own lotteries that they operate independently from that of the national versions.

European Lotteries

For lotteries on a grand scale, you need look no further than Europe, where countries have combined to come up with a single huge lottery. Prior to the introduction of EuroMillions in 2004, most European countries operated under a single national lottery, such as El Gordo in Spain. When it was first introduced, the UK, France and Spain were the only participants, but by the end of the year, 6 other countries had joined which elevated the jackpots to all new levels, with the biggest frequently coming in at more than 100 million.

Lottery Syndicates

Recent statistics state the one out of every four major lottery wins is won by a syndicate. A lottery syndicate is where a number of players pool their resources to buy more tickets or to buy extra numbers in the case of some lotto games. This improves the odds of winning that major jackpot lottery.

When a prize of any size is won it is shared evenly with the members of the syndicate. Some think that this is not a good scenario but if you consider that a major prize of 20 million is shared between 20 syndicate members (one million each) it can be an attractive alternative to buying your own tickets and playing at higher odds.

Becoming a lottery or lotto syndicate member has become much easier with the arrival of a number of online syndicate web sites where you subscribe and are allocated a position in a syndicate. You could join a syndicate at I Love My Lotto which would allow you to participate in the major UK and EU lottert draws each week in a syndicate of 21 players.

Playing Foreign Lottery and Lotto Games as a Non-Resident

The Internet has also opened the door to players within different countries being able to play the lotteries as non-residents. This is achieved by joining a lottery syndicate or as an individual player on a web site where the site owners become your buying agent. Care must be taken to ensure that the site you are purchasing from is a legitimate business within the country that the lottery or lotto is being conducted. When you win a prize the winnings are either transferred to your bank account or a cheque is posted to your registered address. This opens the way to buying tickets in major International lottery and lotto draws that were previously inaccessible to anyone not living within the country where the draw was taking place. One of the most popular online lottery and lotto site is The Lotter.

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