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Thoroughbred Horse Racing

When you think of thoroughbred horse racing, you tend to think of the big stakes races like The Kentucky Derby, but the truth is that the sport is in something of a decline in the US. A number of tracks have closed over the past decade, and others have been forced to try and get pokies in the clubhouse in order to bring in more revenues. That has helped keep some tracks keep their heads above water, but it isn’t doing much to introduce new fans to the beautiful sport of horse racing. The poker machines are a draw, but it’s hard to see the pageantry of the sport when your face is stuck in a machine.

The US Struggles to find Punters

While the US is struggling to find new fans, thoroughbred racing Australia is actually on the rise and that may have something to do with actually allowing people to bet on the sport. Gambling in the United States is restricted in a large number of states, and unless you have a racetrack in the state in which you live, you are pretty much out of luck if you want to have a flutter on the ponies. That takes away almost all the interest in racing for most people, but it’s quite the opposite in gambling friendly Australia.

Horse Racing on the Rise in Australia

Thoroughbred racing popularity is on the rise in Australia, and the proof of that is in the numbers, which never lie. Australia has the largest number of racecourses per capita in the world and is second only to the US in the number of horses that are raced each year. The almost half a billion dollars in prize money paid out is third behind the US and Japan, and with over 2 million spectators going through the gates at the racetrack it’s safe to say that the popularity of the sport in Australia is pretty much obvious to the outside world.

Australian Thoroughbred Racing History

That shouldn’t really be a major surprise though because the thoroughbred racing history in Australia is one that is long and rich. The first racehorses arrived down under in the late 1700’s, and by 1810 there were plenty of organized races taking place in and around Sydney. The sport quickly spread across the country, with the opening of the Darwin Turf Club in the Northern Territory in 1955 pretty much assuring that the sport had blanket coverage across the entire country.

Bounced Back after Equine Influenza Outbreak

The popularity of thoroughbred racing today is all the more astonishing when you consider that the entire sport was put in jeopardy during the equine influenza outbreak back in 2007. Racing ground to a complete halt in many areas of the country, but has since bounced back and is beginning to thrive once more. The fans are firmly back in the saddle once more, thoroughbred racing records firmly clutched in their hands, and are ready to get back to winning at the ponies. If the US wants to look at how to make the sport viable once again, then they really have to look at the way they do business, but that is all up to the government and their gambling legislations.

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